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This is a campaign to prove that KFC isn't chicken about stopping child hunger. 

Art by Parker McDermott

There are  148 million malnourished children worldwide.
Cristiano Ronaldo has over 4x that many followers.

So what if KFC used soccer to turn 148 million into



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A team made up of the beautiful game's best players-- and you

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preview-2024-02-14T04_25_28.170Z (1).gif
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For everyone who plays soccer with a KFC- sponsored kit,
we match with a meal for a child in need.  

Step 1: Make a record-breaking transfer. 

Step 2: Get some friends to join.

Step 3: Get the world on board. 

Colonel_calling_bboard_final (1).png

And in case that's sounding a bit chicken-fried, we broke it down even more with a "podcast": 

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